Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our knowledge in cleaning Hand-made Oriental rugs as well as Machine made rugs will reflect on every rug we clean. We believe in the old fashion way to clean rug, that means: a lot of hand scrubbing, sun sanitizing, and using minimum chemicals in the cleaning process. After the rug gets cleaned, a few years will be added to your rug's life span, and your rug will look & smell as close as possible to when you purchased it.

We treat every rug, old or new, big or small, expensive or NOT, with the same integrity. It's a an important piece of your home, it's something that we understand and respect.

Our Rug Care Cleaning Will Target:

  • Stain Removal
  • Pet Odor & Stain Removal
  • Sanitizing & Deodorizing
  • Unwanted Coloring that's a Result of Children playing & Enjoying the Rug

Our Rug Care Cleaning Process Consists of a Few Steps:

Vacuuming.  We try to go after dust and dirt that have been building up through your rug's fabric and layers. It's a process that we apply for as long as needed, until we feel that your rug has lost all of it's unwanted particles.

Hand Scrubbing.  This is the main step in cleaning the rug. It's a lot of hard work, but we believe that your rug is WORTH IT?  This process will be repeated as we feel necessary.

Sanitizing.  After we finish the hand scrubbing process, we lay out your rug in the outdoors and let mother nature do its part. Sun light will help dry your rug in the most harmless way and work as purifier in order to take out any leftover moldy smell. This process helps brighten up the colors of your rug and gives it a fresh look.

Oder Removal.  After finishing up the rug cleaning & care process, we apply Oder removal solution. This will tackle any bad smell still left on the rug and give your rug a clean , fresh smell.

Each process will be repeated as needed.
The outcome will speak for itself.

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