About Us

Oriental Rug has been our passion for a long time. The art of weaving & making an Oriental Rug is an exquisite form of art that many people overlook. I have been personally involved in the Oriental Rug Industry since 2005. We take a great deal of pride in passing on our knowledge to our valued customers, in order to help them maintain the beauty of their rugs.

After the closure of my Oriental Rug Gallery in Atlanta, GA we moved back to the Bay Area, I have decided to open an Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair Service, and continue to serve the local community.

To provide an excellent Cleaning & Repair services utilizing traditional methods as well as newest techniques. Our well-trained staff will give the extra Care to your rug. Taking the extra step to ensure that your rug turns out exceeding your expectations and ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

No rug is too small or too big. Every rug gets the extra Care that it deserves.

Your rug will not be stuck in our cleaning facilities for weeks or months. It gets worked on as soon as we pick it up from you with NO EXTRA charge for Pick up &Delivery.

Rest assure, you will have your rug back in DAYS, delivered with a big smile.

Ray Homsi